Simi Zeko
Graphic Design




SCREECH is nothing without you, so please send content as often as you want.

It’s not just about the biggest gaps and the longest rails. We want to see the raw, creative and DIY side of skateboarding and the people behind it. Tricks, people, stills, spots, gigs and everything in between.

Please read our guidelines carefully to ensure there are no problems getting your content printed:


  • To be printed in the magazine, photos must be at least ******* 300 dpi

  • Although the magazine is primarily focussed on photography, we would still love to see any other content such as writing, illustrations, videos and story ideas

  • If you have words you would like to be printed along side your photos please attach them as a Microsoft Word or RTF document

  • The files of the photos you send should have your name, the location and then the skater’s name

    example: tom_anderson_bristol_ellen_ripley.jpg

    This helps us make sure we credit the right people

  • It is SCREECH’s preference to print in black & white. Please make it clear if you want your photos to be seen in colour 

By sending us your photos, you are giving us permission to use them in the printed magazine and possibly be featured across our social media.